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  • deppic published a video post 1 year ago

    Awesome Asian Bad Guys rolling on KickStarter

    First thing: I only recently got to find out about KickStarter and how it works. I really like the idea of artists not ΄begging΄ for funds but being given the opportunity to present their projects in public and raise money in a decent way!

    Second thing: The above video was the first one to see on KickStarter and even if I didn’t like the concept (because I never felt sorry when Asian bad guys died in movies…!) I enjoyed the whole 2 minutes and 25 seconds because Stephen and Patrick seem to believe in this a lot! As I cannot help them by submitting any $$$ at the moment, I thought… why not raise some awareness for them through this post?! They deserve it!

    By the way, nice T-Shirts guys!

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